Bridget Firtle, a Rockaway Beach native and former financial analyst, founded The Noble Experiment in 2011. The rum distillery is an homage to two different memories of Prohibition-era New York: the name was a term used by temperance proponents to describe the 18th Amendment and the distillery’s only spirit is named after Owney “The Killer” Madden, a notorious rum-runner and gangster of the era.

Firtle designed the East Williamsburg warehouse to facilitate her one-person distilling method. Before hiring her first employee earlier this year, Firtle ran tours, distilled, distributed and promoted her rum single-handedly. A small volume of rum is currently aging for future consumption.  



$10 Saturdays at 4pm

  • Tours must be pre-booked online here

  • Every tour is run by Firtle and they detail her transition into the distilling world, a brief history of rum in NYC and her specific  distilling process

  • No products are sold onsite, but the tour includes a tasting of Owney's and other seasonal offerings


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 Owney's Rum                                           Seasonal Rum infusions



Address 23 Meadow Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206      Website and      E-mail     Phone none

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