Kings County Distillery, founded by Colin Spoelman and David Haskell in 2010, was the first distillery to open in New York City post-prohibition. Located in the former Paymaster’s Building in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the turn-of-the-century building features Scottish-made copper pot stills, large open-top wooden fermenters, and a charming second story barrel room that doubles as an events space.

Kings County, under the guidance of Master Blender Nicole Austin, produces award-winning moonshine and corn whiskey. The distillery also offers a spiced whiskey during the fall and winter months, and partners with Mast Brothers Chocolate to create a cocoa-infused moonshine, available year round. All of Kings’ products are bottled by volunteers, who spend the day rubbing elbows with distillers and fellow whiskey enthusiasts and walk away with a bottle of their own to enjoy. Saturday tours recount the intriguing lore of New York City distilling, which includes the story of the Great Whiskey War of 1869 that took place just out Navy Yard’s Gates.



$8 Saturday Afternoons from 2:30-5:30 p.m.

Finding It

  • Tours last about 45 minutes and run every 20-30 minutes

  • No reservations needed

  • Tours include a history of American distilling with a focus on New York City

  • The tour includes a sampling of the three whiskeys

  • Enter the Navy Yard at Sands and Navy Streets and follow the main road to the distillery (less than 1/10 mile).

  • Make sure you have a valid photo ID to show the Navy Yard security guard


  • Both 200 & 375mL bottles are sold at the distillery 
  • They also sell quilts, maple syrup, posters, glassware, and the "Guide to Urban Moonshining" book

Upcoming Events



Bourbon Whiskey               Moonshine               Chocolate-Flavored Whiskey                Spiced Whiskey

Around the Distillery



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