Industry City Distillery (ICD), a project of The City Foundry, was established in 2011 and is currently run by Dave Kyrejko and Zac Bruner. Unlike other distillers in the borough, the duo actively shun the lore, heritage, and romance of distilleries past. Instead, ICD focuses on producing beet sugar vodka in the most energy, time, and space-efficient method possible. Kyrejko and Bruner invented, designed, and hand-built a cutting-edge fermentation and distillation process which uses a yeast-strain specially bred in ICD’s chemistry laboratory. In addition to a fully-functioning lab, their eclectic warehouse floor houses a woodshop, machine shop, print shop, library, and events space—all with a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline.

Ultimately, The City Foundry intends to produce and sell enough ICD vodka to support their other more esoteric arts projects, which have included artist installations, music performances, and the recent production of a single-shot puppet music video.



'Hard Hat’ Distillery Tour: $15 Saturdays at 3:00 pm

  • Lasts over an hour and includes a full distillery tour, tasting, and mini-beaker tasting glass plus a tour through the lab, print shop, and machine shops 

Finding It

  • The building is not well marked: Enter through the door under the ‘33’ sign, located on the north side of 36th St.

  • Elevator ride is available 15min before the start of the tour. If you miss the elevator, it is a steep walk up 6 flights of stairs to the distillery


Upcoming Events


Industry Standard

Sugar Beet Vodka

Technical Reserve 

191.2 Proof Neutral Spirit


Around the Distillery



Address 33 35th St., 6th Floor Brooklyn, NY 11232          Websites &        E-mail         Phone (917) 727-5309

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