Notes from the Road: Dogfish Head Brewery

After wrapping up a great Fourth of July down the shore, we began our road trip in earnest with sights set on Delaware’s Dogfish Head Brewery. The brewery is tucked away in the outskirts of the idyllic Milton, DE in an industrial facility big enough to make you question what it means to be a ‘craft brewery’. You’re immediately reminded of the craft spirit when you see the large metal tree house sculpture out front that looks like it’s made a few trips to Burning Man.

We arrived at Dogfish Head in time for a free afternoon tour, which included a thorough rundown of the brewing process, company history (owner Sam Calagione was hooked after his very first batch of homebrew - an unintentionally sour cherry ale), and a glimpse of the famous dry-hopper, responsible for the ‘continuously hopped’ tag on many of DFH’s beers. A heavy thunderstorm prevented us from seeing the bottling line, but got us back to the tasting room earlier than expected.

Back in the tasting room, we were given 4 free 4oz. pours from the rotating list of classics, seasonals, and rare brews available on tap. Chloe and I sampled the Namaste, Festina Peche, Birra Etrusca, Burton Baton, Chateau Jiahu, and Noble Rot. Though we’ve both tasted their beers many times before, there’s definitely something distinctive and delicious about drinking brews fresh from the source. Before we headed out, we were able to connect with a few fellow craft beer enthusiasts and had time for a quick breeze in, breeze out tour of the gift shop.

While we love Dogfish Head Beer and enjoyed our trip to their Milton location, it isn’t at the top of our favorite brewery experiences. It was a great afternoon stop, but we’ll need to head to their Rehoboth brewpub to really get the ‘off-centered’ Dogfish Head experience.